About our Explore Program

Our unique program is linked with our nonprofit organization. This allows our organization to seek funding that will assist with allowing underprivileged students an opportunity to explore with a curriculum that is tied to an experience. Meaning, students will be able to travel and or have local field experiences which will support with understanding what was taught. Highly Qualified educators will construct a lesson that will be linked with a specific book, which will connect with a purposeful and educational trip.

How students are chosen?

Parents will register their child(ren), a lottery will take place and names that are chosen, parents or guardian will be notified and our Kids N Touch team will provide additional information regarding the curriculum & trip. (Urban Public Schools will also have an opportunity to add students in our Explore Program.)

How field experiences are chosen?

Our Kids N Touch program will team up with local travel agencies to assist with selecting a trip that are aligned with our educational theme. The theme will be tied with a scholastic book, the text will support our lessons along with hands on experience and the trip will allow students to experience a meaningful exploration.

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What are the qualification to become a
Kids N Touch Explorer?

Parents must complete registration process, permission forms and are required to attend assigned orientation. Depending on the trip specific age ranges will be required.

How much does it cost for each experience?

Trips will be sponsored through donation & sponsorship from multiple organizations.

What are the benefits in being in the
Kids N Touch Explore Program?

  • Exploring with a curriculum has a lasting impact.
  • Students will have an opportunity to obtain sponsorship.
  • Early exposure is one of the keys to unlock many possibilities.